5 Unique Cultures That You Will Only Find in Indonesia

5 Unique Cultures That You Will Only Find in Indonesia

Indonesia consists of hundreds of distinct ethnic groups with distinct languages and traditions. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this country has a lot of unique cultures and traditions. Here are 5 unique cultures of Indonesia that will fascinate you!

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Fahombo is a traditional sport from Nias, an island in North Sumatra. In this tradition, men are jumping over the arrangement of a 2-meter-high stone structure without falling or stumbling. Nias boys are used to stone jumping as Nias has a rocky and mountainous topography. Fahombo then becomes a rite of passage and a display of manhood. 

It is believed that successful jumps will bring good fortune and blessings to the participants and the community. That is why this tradition is not only a recreational activity or entertainment, but it also holds significant cultural and spiritual traditions. 

This unique culture of Indonesia attracts a lot of tourists and becomes famous worldwide. If you are interested in seeing this tradition, you can visit the Bawomataluo village in South Nias. 



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Metatah is a religious tradition of the Balinese Hindu that is done to Balinese children that reach adulthood. In this ritual, Balinese Hindu children wear traditional Balinese clothing, Payang Agung. Then, they will lie down and 6 of their upper teeth will be cut up to approximately 2 millimeters. 

The cut-up teeth are then placed on a yellowish brown cloth and placed on a special plate filled with offerings and prayed upon. The participants then taste six flavors including bitter, sour, spicy, pungent, salty, and sweet. Every taste symbolizes value in life, such as toughness, patience, obedience to norms, wisdom, and happiness. 


Rambu Solo'

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Rambu Solo’ is a funeral ceremony from the Toraja tradition in South Sulawesi. In this ceremony, the family of the deceased holds a huge farewell ritual that includes a traditional dance performance called Ma’badong. The family also slaughtered buffaloes and pigs which are then distributed to the surrounding neighbors.

Due to the size of the ceremonies, Rambu Solo’ tends to cost a lot of time and money. Therefore, it is often held up to many months and years after a Torajan person died. It is an important ritual with a philosophy that the wealth of the deceased must be distributed back to the public. The purpose of this ritual is so that the descendants do not dependent on inheritance in life. 


Yadnya Kasada

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Yadnya Kasada is an annual ritual of Tenggerese Hindu which is held at Mount Bromo, East Java. In this ritual, people in Tengger, who live in Mount Bromo will bring all kind of offerings such as harvested produces and poultry to the peak of the mountain, and then throw them into the crater. Meanwhile, the traditional sacred dance that consists of 43 dancers is held in the village.

This tradition is held every year to commemorate the sacrifice of Raden Kusuma, ancestors of the Tenggerese people. The offerings are also believed can prevent natural disasters such as eruptions. 



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Another unique culture in Indonesia is Peresean a traditional martial art as well as a cultural ritual held by the Sasak people in Lombok, Indonesia. In this tradition, two participants are armed with a one-meter rattan stick, chest protector, and a bamboo shield. 

The goal is to strike the opponents while avoiding being hit in return. However, the fighter is only allowed to strike the opponent’s back and shoulders. While fighting, traditional musical instruments are played in the background. 

This tradition has been passed down through generations and is performed during various ceremonies and festivals. It is a way for the Sasak people to honor bravery, demonstrate physical prowess, and uphold cultural values and identity. 


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These are the 5 unique cultures you can only find in Indonesia. The country has a lot more unique cultures due to its diverse ethnic group, culture, and tradition. If you love to learn about unique cultures, Indonesia is the best country to explore. 

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