7 Best International Schools in Bali

7 Best International Schools in Bali

If you want to relocate to Bali with your friends, then you will need to look for a good international school Bali. To make sure that your children have good education which can also prepare them to study internationally, then you should check these international schools in Bali.

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1. Canggu Community School (CCS)

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Canggu Community School is one of the best International school Bali that is located in the heart of the bustling city of Canggu. The school offers Pre-K to Year 12 education with an International Baccalaureate curriculum. 

The school offers great facilities from 25 meters swimming pool, an open-aired canteen, playgrounds, and a football pitch. The school has 350 students capacity and the average class capacity is 20 students. 

The school also has great after-school activities such as arts, surfing, music program, sports, coding club, TED clubs, and many more. All classes are conducted in English and there is a mandatory Indonesian lessons until grade 6. Then, they can choose other languages either Spanish or French. 

2. Australian Independent School (AIS)

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This school offers an integrated Australian Curriculum from Preschool to Grade 10. Senior students then can take the International Baccalaureate Diploma program or complete their Senior Certificate in Bali or Jakarta. The school has some of the best facilities which include a competition-standard swimming pool, hockey, rugby, and soccer field, multipurpose courts, playgrounds, amphitheater, science lab, café, canteen, and many more.

The school also offers various after-school activities such as dance classes, sports, art, and various other educational offerings. The classes will be conducted in English, except for the Indonesian Studies. When the students reach secondary school grade, there are other languages offered such as Italian, Spanish, Korean, French, and Japanese.

3. Green School Bali

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Just like its name suggests, this school offers a green lush environment as a place to teach. The school is located in Ubud near the jungle surrounding this region. The school teaches a Green School curriculum with hands-on experiential learning experiences in the natural environment. 

The objective of this school is to inspire sustainability in education and teach green habits to students. Students will learn Indonesian from Pre-K to Grade 12. Once the requirement to study Indonesian is met, they can learn Spanish and French in middle school and high school grade.

Plenty of extracurricular activities are offered in this school, such as gamelan, and BSSA sports. Balinese dance, music, gymnastic, surfing, and many more.  

4. Dyatmika School

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Dyatmika School is an international school accredited by the University of Cambridge International Examinations Board. It also implements exams and certifications internationally recognized. It is the largest international school and a top bilingual school in Bali. 

The school has great facilities which include music studios, science and computer labs, sports fields, playground, libraries, yoga studio, canteen, IT facilities, and many more. Another great facility here is the huge community garden with a wide variety of Balinese herbs and vegetables. They also have fun activities such as bazaars, concerts, and a lot more. 

5. Bali Island School

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Bali Island School is one of the most established schools in Bali and also one of the best international school Bali. The school offers Primary, Middle, and Diploma Programs authorized by the International Baccalaureate. It is also accredited by The Council of International Schools and Western Association Schools and Colleges. 

The school has a Balinese vibe campus with a lot of great facilities. Some of the best facilities include an outdoor playground, an extensive library, two sports fields, and 25 meters swimming pool. The school has 250 students capacity with 20 students capacity per class. 

There are a lot of fun after-school activities such as theatre and drama, lego, arts, brain games, dance, and swimming. 

6. Sunrise School

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The Sunrise School is another great International school Bali that follows an international curriculum. It follows British and International Curriculums for Early, Primary, and Middle Years. 

It has great facilities such as a grass field, basketball courts, playground, and art rooms. There are also a lot of after-school activities to choose from such as cooking, soccer, basketball, badminton, arts and crafts, science, guitar, singing classes, and EAL classes. 

7. Sanur Independent School

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Sanur Independent School is a community-based learning institute. The program is based on Cambridge Assessment International Education and Australian Curriculum. The school is open to local and expatriate students. 

The school provides kindergarten to Grade 7 programs. However, it also has a short-term study program for overseas students.


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