7 Most Popular Online Groceries in Indonesia–The Best to Try

7 Most Popular Online Groceries in Indonesia–The Best to Try

Want to buy fresh vegetables, fruits, and other grocery necessities but are too lazy or busy to go out? Worry not. These are popular online grocery Indonesia recommendations – applications and websites – you can conveniently use by simply using your gadgets and the Internet. They will deliver your order right to your door. 

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Online Groceries in Indonesia

online groceries

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SayurBox offers the concept of bringing fresh, pesticide-free fruit and vegetables directly from local farmers to your pantry. You can also get other products like fresh meat and seafood, a wide selection of spices, processed and dairy products, essentials like rice, and other ready-to-eat foods. 

If you don’t want to bother to place an order every day, or in case you forget, you can subscribe to a regular service. You can download the application or go to the official website – 


Working with many premium supermarkets – Farmers Market, GrandLucky, Papaya, etc. – HappyFresh is perfect for online grocery shopping schedules. What is more? You can also get other items like health products or fresh flower bouquets. 

Available not only on the official website and an application, you can also find HappyFresh service on the Grab app. 


Craving fine and fancy (mostly imported) products? LuxoFood answers your thirst with premium stocks of high-quality meat, fish, poultry, pasta, caviar, and seafood. You can also get a variety of oil, vinegar, and sauces, not to mention wines and spirits (alcohol – whisky, cognac, tequila, or gin).  

Also, LuxeFood partners up with experienced local chefs and artisans to make ready-to-eat dishes you can order for the same or the following day delivery. 

Other alternatives for fine foods or premium specialties that have delivery services are, especially around the Jakarta area, Bendito Meat, Pasta La Vista, Titan Bake Shop, iLotte, and more.

Club Sehat

As the name implies, this online grocery Indonesia service comes with the concept of natural health specialties – healthy foods made from natural ingredients. It offers various essentials like oats, beans, dried fruits, grains, pasta, nuts, granola, kombucha, seeds, etc. 

Also, you can find other items like body products (shampoo, face mist, baby oil, citronella oil, and the like). 

As for delivery or shipping time, you can expect from 3 hours to 5 days. 


TaniHub, both on the app and website, is another popular choice for fresh and quality-maintained products. You can shop not only for fresh-harvested fruit and vegetables but also for other basic necessities like meat, eggs, chicken, fish, grains, seafood, spices, or other cooking ingredients. 

Aside from Jakarta, this e-grocery platform ships to other cities like Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Malang.

Hypermart Online

Having over 100 outlets across Indonesia, Hypermart has been widely known for selling a huge variety of items. Now, this superstore has its online shopping service plus delivery. You can use the app, web, or WhatsApp options for grocery or other shopping routines. 

For example, you can check and get the contact number of each nearest store on their website to order. You can have same-day delivery if you place your order before seven in the evening. For payment, you can use cash, debit or credit card, or OVO.


A part of Gojek’s service, GoMart is a go-to app for e-grocery shopping at your fingertips. All you need to do is download the Gojek application. You can click the GoMart feature, input your address, and choose the items or products you want. For payment, including the delivery fees, you can use GoPay or cash.  

Require no minimum order, GoMart will pick a convenience store or a supermarket to get your order and deliver it at least within 1.5 hours. Other similar e-grocery apps in Indonesia are GrabMart, KlikIndomaret, AlfaCart, and many more. 

Indeed, the 21st century’s conveniences let us get everything we want by buying them online, including grocery shopping. You don’t need the hassle of visiting physical stores since you can do all the transactions using your smartphones or desktops.

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Moreover, in keeping with the flourishing of innovative e-grocery applications, many big supermarkets also increasingly have online delivery services. This wide range of online grocery Indonesia options makes it easier to keep our fridge supplied with the essentials while staying home. 



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