BNI SWIFT Code for Seamless International Transfers

BNI SWIFT Code for Seamless International Transfers

If you have ever been involved in international wire transactions, you may be familiar with the term SWIFT code. These codes are essential for facilitating safe and efficient money transfers between financial institutions throughout the world. The idea of a SWIFT code will be discussed in the following article, with an emphasis on the BNI SWIFT code specifically.

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What is SWIFT Code? 

swift code bni

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A SWIFT code, also globally recognized as a Bank Identifier Code (BIC), is a unique identifying code given to a particular bank or financial institution. The term SWIFT itself is the abbreviation of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. The SWIFT system provides a standardized format for global financial institutions exchanging financial messages.

What is the Importance of the SWIFT Code?

In international transactions, a SWIFT code is a crucial instrument for determining the correct recipient of money. In order to correctly route the funds you send, your bank needs to know the SWIFT code of the beneficiary bank. This code serves as the bank's unique identification code. It makes sure that the funds are sent quickly and accurately to their intended recipient.

What is the BNI SWIFT Code?

BNI, short for Bank Negara Indonesia, is one of the well-known banking institutions in Indonesia. Much like any other bank, BNI has its own SWIFT code. The BNI SWIFT code is “BNINIDJA”. Let’s break it down to understand what makes it up:

  • BNIN: These four first characters represent the unique bank code of BNI bank.
  • ID: The following two characters indicate the country where the bank is located, in this case, Indonesia. 
  • JA: The last two characters specify the location of the bank's head office, in this case, Jakarta, which is abbreviated for JA.

How to Find the BNI SWIFT Code? 

swift code bni

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Finding the BNI SWIFT code is relatively straightforward. Here are a few quick methods you can use:

  • BNI website: Go to the "Contact Us" or "Branch Locator" section of BNI's official website. Look for the branch you want; the SWIFT code should be provided with the branch's information.
  • Online directories: A number of online directories provide SWIFT codes for banking institutions all over the world. You can use reputable guides such as or and look for Bank Negara Indonesia.
  • BNI customer service: If you'd like immediate assistance, consider contacting BNI customer service. Find the bank's customer service contact information by visiting their website. You can contact them by phone, email, or live chat and provide them your inquiries. They will immediately provide you with the correct BNI SWIFT code.

How to Use BNI SWIFT Code? 

Let’s say you wish to transfer money from a bank account overseas to a BNI account. You can use the following step-by-step guide to streamline the process:

  • Go to or contact your bank: First and foremost, inform your bank that you wish to start an international wire transfer to a BNI account in Indonesia. They will walk you through the procedure and provide you the required paperwork.
  • Complete the wire transfer form: Fill out the transfer form with the correct details. These include the recipient's BNI account number, right account name, and of course, the BNI SWIFT code (BNINIDJA).
  • Submit the transfer form: Give your bank the filled-out form and any other paperwork or information they might need. Also, remember to hand over the cash if the money you are sending isn’t in your bank account.
  • Wait for the completion of the transfer: The processing of international wire transfers might take a few working days. The policies of the receiving bank and any connected intermediate banks may affect how long it takes for the monies to arrive in the recipient's BNI account. Once it’s done, you will be notified through your email.

It's crucial to remember that SWIFT codes are typically utilized for international wire transactions. In general, SWIFT codes are not used for domestic transactions within Indonesia.

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To Wrap Up

Knowing how to use the BNI SWIFT code correctly can streamline international transactions. If you ever need to initiate a wire transfer to a BNI account, remember to provide the correct SWIFT code (BNINIDJA) to ensure the funds are sent to the right recipient. If you ever require a more efficient way to transfer funds abroad, consider using Flip Globe. With Flip Globe, you can send funds to over 40 countries in a matter of minutes without using the SWIFT code.



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