BCA Swift Code for Secured International Transfer Transactions

BCA Swift Code for Secured International Transfer Transactions

Aside from using digital services like Western Union or PayPal, for example, you can use a specific code, named SWIFT Code. One of the big private banks in Indonesia, BCA, has its BCA Swift Code for accommodating their customers in transferring funds internationally. 

Let's explore more about this code, how to use it, what benefits you may get, and another option of using the Flip app.

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BCA Swift Code

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Okay, let's discuss first what it means by SWIFT code. It is a system that uses an advanced technology called the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. Accumulated into a network of international banks, they use the code as a hub to securely exchange information. 

A unique code from a legitimate global bank, this code usually consists of eight (8) to eleven (11) characters in a combination of letters and numbers. This code represents the identity of a banking or financial company, including its branch offices.  

As one of the top private banks in Indonesia, BCA also has adopted this advanced system. As the name implies, the code has become the identity of BCA Bank. Known also as Bank Identifier Code (BIC), BCA has links or connections with a minimum of eleven thousand banks or other financial companies in different countries across the globe. 

So, what is the swift code for BCA? Valid for all BCA banks, including the head office and other branch offices all over Indonesia, the code is usually CENAIDJA. 

CENA means the name of the financial company, namely BCA, ID indicates the country code where the bank is, and JA represents the code of location or the branch (in numbers). 

How It Works and Its Benefits

swift code bca

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The above BCA Swift Code – CENAIDJA – is also per the regulations of Bank Indonesia. Accordingly, you have to memorize and use this code when you are doing any transaction with an overseas bank or account. Simply put, the code is one of the most important requirements to send or transfer money overseas. 

Also, the BCA bank code, i.e., 014, follows the eight-letter code, as well as the branch office code. For example, the code for the head office in Jakarta is 0140001; the Pasar Baru branch office is 0140002, and so on.

If you suddenly do not remember or do not know your BCA Swift Code when transferring to banks or accounts abroad, you can get information from the following sources.

  • BCA Official website
  • Bank documents, namely previous e-statement
  • Specific websites for SWIFT Code

Why do you need to know and use a swift code for your BCA account? It's no other to make your international transactions smoother and safer. It is more particularly when the scope of your work frequently relates to abroad clients. 

SWIFT Code will automate and standardize all transactions for payment or fund transfer activities. Some benefits of using a swift code are reducing operational risk, lowering fees or costs, streamlining operations, etc. 

The So-Called Flip Globe – How to Use

If you think memorizing a swift code is too bothersome, can you find a similar yet more practical alternative? Have you heard of the Flip app or Flip Globe feature? 

Yes, it is a service that will enable you to transfer money across borders very easily and securely. How to use it? Let's look at some stress-free tips or steps below. 

  • Download the Flip app, create your account, and verify your account via email.
  • Click the Flip Globe feature and select the receiving country (where you want to send your money).
  • Input the amount of money you want to transfer. There will be a different transfer fee according to each country.
  • Once finished, click the 'Continue' menu.
  • You can select the purpose of the transaction (sending money to an individual or a business account).
  • You need to fill in the recipient details and the bank SWIFT Code used.
  • Before clicking on the agree button to process the transfer, be sure to check once more that the data you fill in is correct.

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To sum up, you will need your BCA Swift Code to do international financial transactions–money transfers, for example. This code will unquestionably make the process more practical and secure. Offering high accessibility to various financial needs, many people have chosen and used this swift code of BCA Bank. 





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