Best Way to Send Money Abroad from Indonesia to the Globe

Best Way to Send Money Abroad from Indonesia to the Globe

Founded in 2015, Flip is an Indonesian pride fintech-based payment platform chosen and used by over 12 million users, not to mention hundreds of businesses (SMEs and companies). Expanding its wing, Flip comes with its Flip Globe, allowing users to send money abroad more efficiently and safely.

Also, offering a more affordable transfer fee, let's explore more about this product, the benefits you can enjoy, and how to use it easily. 

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The So-Called Flip Globe

send money abroad

Launched in 2021, Flip Globe is a part of the products provided by the Flip application, specially designed as one of the solutions for sending money overseas from Indonesia.

This product or feature offers one of the best solutions for international money transfer more easily and efficiently, not to mention securely and less costly. Three key points about this product are: 

  • The users can send money from Indonesia to other recipients currently studying, working, or living overseas. 
  • The feature helps more free-hassle overseas online shopping activities or transactions.
  • Also, it offers a more economical and practical solution, especially for expatriates. 

What Benefits You Can Reap

The following are more reasons why you should use Flip Globe to send money overseas.

1.  More than 55 countries

You can send money to over 55 countries on different continents, including Asia, Australia, Europe, America, and Africa.

Some of the most popular countries to send money to are Malaysia, Singapore, China, South Korea, and Thailand.

2. Affordable Cost

The users can use Flip Globe to send money to other countries with a transfer fee starting from IDR45,000.

3. Equal to Cheaper Rate

Flip Globe offers the best selling rate compared to Bank Indonesia, equal and cheaper. The users also can enjoy much-reduced exchange rates compared to other banks.

4. No Other Hidden or Additional Fees

Apart from the above transfer fee, Flip Globe won’t charge other additional costs, such as bank correspondence fee, provision fee, telex fee, etc. 

Flip Globe will only incur the fee displayed on the user's transaction. In other words, the destination account will receive the exact amount stated in the user's transaction. 

5. Real-Time Transaction

The process of money transfers is different following the destination countries. Still, some offer same-day transactions. The users will also receive emails to check the transaction status or any updates.   

6. Secure Transactions

Registered and licensed by Bank Indonesia, all Flip Globe transactions are safe and monitored. 

7. The Best Customer-Centric Support Team

As the company's vision, Flip and Flip Globe has the most helpful support team to make your international money transactions succeed efficiently and safely.

How to Easily Send Money Abroad

Now, we learn how to send money abroad using Flip Globe. 

You can use the official Flip website by following the instructions or, more practically, with the application. You must first download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store for the latter purpose.

Let’s check out the further and detailed steps below.

  1. After installing it on your device, you can choose or click the Flip Globe feature.
  2. Select the destination among the 55+ available countries
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to transfer

There will be details about the transfer fee and transfer limit

  1. Click Next button
  2. Choose the recipient or destination account type

There are two options, namely Personal or Business Account.

  1. Read the T&C page given
  2. If done, click the Agree and Continue button
  3. Fill in all the details, including 
  • the recipient or destination bank and account
  • personal info, like name
  • purpose of the transfer
  1. Double-check your transfer transaction before clicking Confirm Payment Method
  2. Finish the transaction process

Surprisingly easy, isn’t it? 

What is more? The minimum transaction nominal is 1 (depending on each country’s currency, with South Korea and the Philippines being exceptional). Meanwhile, you can transfer up to IDR99,000,000 to all countries.  

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Indeed, Flip has become one of Indonesia's most favorable payment and sending money platforms. Accordingly, if you urgently need to send money abroad, kindly consider using Flip Globe for a less-hassle and secure solution for money transactions worldwide.  



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