Sick while Traveling, Here Are 7 Best Hospitals in Bali for Travelers

Sick while Traveling, Here Are 7 Best Hospitals in Bali for Travelers

Nobody wants to get sick when traveling to Bali, but sometimes, the situations require you to do it. Luckily, many hospitals in Bali are well-equipped to serve travelers as well as locals. Several hospitals have become go-to recommendations for expats and international travelers, which is convenient when you need to focus on recovery.

We compiled a list of seven hospitals that serve travelers in Bali, including international ones. Here are the most recommended names.

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1. Siloam Hospital

hospital in bali
Photo by Siloam Hospitals

A renowned private hospital chain in Indonesia, Siloam provides high-quality care in various regions. Bali has several Siloam Hospitals in Denpasar, Badung, and Nusa Dua, giving you the most convenient access to medical services and treatments.

Siloam Hospital provides all-in-one medical services, including general and specialist doctors, surgery, emergency service, radiology, and lab checks. It also provides important vaccines, maternity services, pediatric services, and comfortable rooms for in-house treatments.

2. Bali Royal Hospital

Bali Royal Hospital is a private hospital in Denpasar offering 24-hour services. It has general and specialist practices, a maternity unit, an ICU and NIUC, and an operating theater with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. 

While Bali Royal Hospital serves patients with any complaints, they mostly specialize in neurology, pediatrics, cardiology, and orthopedics. Bali Royal Hospital also has a center for digestive diseases, which makes this a perfect hospital for anyone experiencing digestive issues while traveling.

3. BIMC Hospital

BIMC Hospital is one of the most famous hospitals in Bali among expats and tourists. You can find it in three popular spots: Denpasar, Nusa Dua, and Kuta. It offers 24-hour emergency services, general and specialist doctors, radiology and lab tests, maternity departments, and other types of common medical assistance. 

BIMC Hospital’s services emphasize individual care, especially for patients with specific conditions or treatment needs. You can order various wellness packages that combine medical and aesthetic services. A great option for a more holistic health service while you are traveling.

For example, a wellness package may consist of full blood count, PAP Smear, ECG, and tests for cholesterol level, uric acid, chest X-ray, creatinine, and many more. You can also get aesthetic treatments like microdermabrasion and dental scaling. You can also get advice from a nutritionist and sports medicine specialist at an extra charge.

4. Kasih Ibu Hospital

Another major private hospital in Bali, Kasih Ibu Hospital, is one of the go-to health facilities for expats and tourists in Denpasar and Gianyar. The hospital offers 24-hour medical services with top-notch equipment and professional staff. 

Kasih Ibu Hospital is known for its three major healthcare services: for brain and spine, stroke, and endoscopy. It also offers high-quality maternity and OB/GYN services, emergency services, NICU and ICU, radiology center and lab, and many more. Kasih Ibu Hospital also offers home clinics and rehabilitation services.

5. Udayana University Hospital

Udayana University Hospital provides medical and healthcare services in Badung, South Kuta. This hospital in Bali was a referral hospital during the recent G-20 event in Bali, making it a proper option when you need medical services nearby.

Udayana University Hospital offers your standard healthcare services. Aside from 24-hour emergency service, you can access general and specialist clinics, integrated lab and radiology, maternity and pediatric services, and postnatal care.

6. Prima Medika Hospital

A private hospital in Kuta that has been open since 2002, Prima Medika Hospital offers a “boutique hospital” experience. It provides personalized treatment with holistic service, allowing you to recover in the best condition.

Prima Medika Hospital offers standard services, such as 24-hour emergency service, medical checkups, radiology and lab tests, ICU and NICU, and maternity care. It specializes in physiotherapy, neurosurgery, nutritional science, andrology, and dentistry. You can also access a home clinic service for more convenience.

7. Surya Husadha Hospital

Among many private hospitals in Bali, Surya Husadha Hospital is the one with a longer track record. Serving the public since 1987, the hospital has several specialist clinics that any travelers might need. You can find specialists in neurosurgery, pediatrics, general surgery, tropical diseases and infections, and OB/GYN. 

You can find Surya Husadha Hospital in Denpasar and Nusa Dua. The staff are professional, certified, and no strangers to international travelers or expats, making your visit more convenient.

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