20 Best Banks in Jakarta for Your Financial Purposes

20 Best Banks in Jakarta for Your Financial Purposes

Nowadays, each person needs to have at least one bank account for many financial purposes. Banks offer various financial services such as savings, transfers, credits, as well as investments. As it is for your hard-earned money, you must consider trusting one or some of the best available banks in Jakarta.

As the capital city and the economic center of Indonesia, there must be dozens of banks to choose from. There are banks owned by the government as well as those owned by individuals. Some banks are also branches from other countries with some distinctive characteristics compared to the local ones.

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Comparisons Between National and International Banks

Despite having more or less the same basic functions as what a bank must have, international banks in Indonesia have some different aspects from local banks. These factors might be used as some considerations for choosing a bank.


While the main headquarters of national banks are placed mostly in Jakarta, international banks have their own headquarters in their respective countries of origin. They can be owned by governments or individuals, just like the national banks in Jakarta.

Profit Sharing

For profit-sharing, there are two different approaches applied by national and international banks. Most national banks earn profits mainly from clients’ credit interests, while international banks get theirs from wealthy investors.

Offered Services

Both national and international banks in Jakarta offer similar services. They both allow people to save their money, transfer it, or loan some more money. The differences are in the transfer and loan services.

People can loan some money with credit interests from national banks, while international ones allow people to loan some capital. Moreover, national banks are great for bank-to-bank transfers, but international banks are better for overseas transactions as they are accepted by most international marketplaces.


Top 20 Banks in Jakarta

After knowing how national and international banks are different, let us learn which bank is the best according to satisfied clients. Every year, Forbes releases a list of the best banks, and below is their list of the top 20 banks in Indonesia included in World’s Best Banks 2022.

1. Bank Central Asia (BCA)

Safe to say that BCA is Indonesia’s greatest bank, as it sits at the top of this list. This bank has its headquarters in Jakarta and has more than 24 thousand employees.

2. DBS Bank Indonesia

Based on this list, DBS Bank is the best international bank in Indonesia. The bank has up to 30 thousand employees and originated from one of Indonesia’s neighbors, Singapore. 

3. Bank Mandiri

Among other greatest banks in Jakarta on this list, Bank Mandiri is the best government-owned bank in Indonesia. The number of its employee is more than 37 thousand people.

4. United Overseas Bank (UOB)

Another bank originated from Singapore, UOB has more than 25 thousand employees.

5. Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI)

Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim country, so sharia is a great approach for a bank. That approach is applied properly by BSI, so it is not a surprise that this bank, with about 20 thousand employees, is placed high on this list.

6. Citibank

The first non-Asian bank on this list, New York’s Citibank, has up to 210 thousand employees.

7. Bank Jago

Unlike the banks above it, Bank Jago is a fast-growing Indonesian digital bank that is operated by about 255 employees.

8. BCA Syariah

A huge Indonesian bank like BCA surely has a branch using sharia as its preferred approach. BCA Syariah employs about 581 people.

9. HSBC Holdings

Having approximately 226 thousand employees, the London-based bank of HSBC Holdings is Indonesia’s bank with the largest number of employees.

10. Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)

Having a headquarter in Jakarta, BNI has more than 27 thousand employees and is owned by Indonesia’s government.

11. Panin Bank

Panin Bank has about 7,845 employees and is one of the private banks in Jakarta.

12. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)

Another bank owned by Indonesia’s government, BRI, has more than 88 thousand employees.

13. Bank Neo Commerce (BNC)

BNC is another digital bank that is controlled by more than 500 employees.

14. Maybank

About 45 thousand people work at Maybank, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

15. Bank DKI

Bank DKI is the only local bank on this list. This bank is managed by the provincial government of DKI Jakarta.


OCBC NISP is based in Jakarta and has almost six thousand employees.

17. CIMB Niaga

Yet another bank based in Jakarta, CIMB Niaga, has more than 12 thousand employees.

18. Bank Permata

Bank Permata is also a Jakarta-based bank with almost eight thousand employees.

19. Jenius

The previous two digital banks have hundreds of employees, respectively, but Jenius has almost 20 thousand of them despite being placed lower on the list.

20. Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional (BTPN)

The last bank on this list has a similar number of employees as the previous one, and it is based in Jakarta.


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For any of your financial purposes, those banks in Jakarta above are some great choices. Still, you might still be required to pay extra expenses to do some transactions with those banks. With Flip Globe, however, those expenses can be reduced or removed altogether.

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