10 Most Favorite Indonesian Foods You Need to Try

10 Most Favorite Indonesian Foods You Need to Try

Indonesia is a haven of food. Whether it is cuisines with fragrant spices that make you drool or local delicacies that leave you wanting more, there’s nothing like jumping headfirst into the incredible selection of Indonesian food. However, due to the amount of variety, it can be quite overwhelming for the first-timer. 

If this is your first time visiting the country, here’s a native guide you can follow of Indonesian foods that you must try during your visit—of course, those that will make you want to come back for a second time. 

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Bubur Ayam (Chicken Porridge) 

Bubur Ayam is a popular dish in Indonesia that many street sellers often serve. A delicious porridge known throughout the nation is served with crackers, soy sauce, fried peanuts, diced chicken, and fried shallots. 

Ayam Betutu 

Originating from the well-known island of Bali, the chicken for this meal must marinade for a few hours in a variety of spices and seasonings; however, most chefs advise keeping it in the refrigerator overnight. After the chicken is finished marinating, it will be roasted over husk flame until it is cooked through. A skilled cook can create a soft, juicy chicken that tastes like steamed rather than roasted, thanks to the low-heat husk fire. 

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)

Who hasn't heard of the national dish of Indonesia? Fried rice is the most adaptable food, having been tasted by practically everyone at some time in their lives. You may combine it with any cuisine you can think of, including vegetables, poultry, meat, and seafood. The addition of keycap, a sweet, thick soy sauce that is topped with pickled cucumber, and carrots, sets Indonesian Fried Rice apart from other types of fried rice. 

Nasi Uduk

Another common dish in Indonesia, nasi uduk is special because it uses rice grains to create the mouthwatering flavor of nasi uduk. The rice grains are prepared in coconut milk with bay leaf, coriander leaves, lemongrass, and galingale. Like many other Indonesian meals, nasi uduk is frequently served alongside other dishes like sunny-side-up eggs, tempeh, and poultry, with fried shallots sprinkled on top and a teaspoon of sambal to finish. 


Meat skewers are barbecued over coals like satay. These tender skewers are typically served alongside rice cakes (lontong), peanut sauce, and satay. It is a staple food that was developed by street sellers and is among the most well-known foods in Indonesia. It is extremely addicting and almost ubiquitous. 

Nasi Padang 

The flavorful meal known as "nasi padang" comes from Padang, Indonesia. It is a rice-based cuisine with various toppings, such as curries, vegetables, fish, and various cuts of beef. 99% of Indonesians believe that putting away your cutlery and dipping in with your fingers is the finest method to have nasi padang. When you're done, sip some iced tea to gulp down all the fatty delight. 


Sweet Martabak is one of the nation's most popular sweets. It is a pancake made in Indonesia. Interesting fact: Martabak is only available at night because most Indonesians perceive it as an evening snack. Various fillings are available in chocolate, cheese, and peanut varieties, depending on your taste. 

Gado Gado 

A healthful meal consisting of various cooked vegetables, such as long beans, tempeh, tofu, maize, carrots, and cucumbers, is known as gado-gado. Keep in mind that this meal is frequently served with a hard-boiled egg in the mixture, making it not necessarily suitable for vegans. 


Another vegetable-based Indonesian dish that bears striking similarities to pecel is karedok. However, karedok differs from other Indonesian plant-based cuisines in that it serves all of its ingredients raw, rather than cooking the veggies beforehand. 


Even though Indomie is a brand of quick noodles, it is among the most well-known meals ever originated in Indonesia. Whether you’re looking for a hearty lunch in the afternoon or a guilty pleasure meal in the middle of the night, Indomie can be that food for you on every occasion. Believe it or not, this dish is so popular even if you reside in the United States, there's a good possibility that you've come across the most popular instant noodles in Indonesia in your local supermarket. 


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Those are some of the best Indonesian foods that you ought to try during your visit. Which one you’re interested in the most? Share with us in the comment section!

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