Flip, The Best Remittance App Indonesian for Transferring Money Overseas

Flip, The Best Remittance App Indonesian for Transferring Money Overseas

Looking for the best way to transfer money overseas? Please look at Flip, the best remittance app Indonesian that allows its users to save money and time. Flip offers practicality by providing several financial services for daily necessities, such as water and electricity bills, phone balances, and transferring money worldwide. Not to mention the convenience it offers by eliminating administrative fees in interbank transfers. Read more to learn about Flip Globe! 

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Transfer Money Abroad Without Hassle Using Flip Globe 

By signing up for Flip, users can benefit from its features. One of them is overseas bank transfers to more than 50 countries. Follow these simple steps below to complete the transfer! 

1. Choose the Flip Globe menu from the Flip application homepage. 

2. Select the destination country for your transfer. Flip will automatically show the current exchange rate to that country. 

3. Type in the amount of money you wish to transfer. It won’t be a problem if you enter it in Rupiah or the destination country’s currency. 

4. Choose whether you want to transfer to a business or personal account. 

5. Read the terms and conditions, then click “Agree and Next” below. 

6. Select the recipient bank, enter the account number, and fill out the recipient information 

7. Select from a list of the sender’s funding sources. The options are business, salary, savings, and gifts. 

8. Pick the purpose of your transfer, such as education, travel, gift, donation, or other purposes. 

9. Make sure the transaction details are correct, then click “Next”. 

10. Select the payment method that you will be using. 

11. Complete the payment by transferring the money to the shown Flip account via mobile banking, internet banking, or ATM. Your transfer amount has to match the amount listed on the Transfer Confirmation page, e.g., Rp1.000.321. Don’t worry; the last three digits of your transfer amount will be returned to you as Flip Coins. 

12. After completing the transfer, confirm payment by clicking on “I already transferred”. You may then check the status of your transfer by accessing the Flip application. Flip will send the transfer receipt to your email after the transaction has been successfully processed. 


Reasons Why You Should Use Flip Globe

Still wondering why you should use Flip Globe? Find out the answers below! 

1. The Best Exchange Rate 

Financial services providers establish their own exchange rates, so there’s a variety of rates out there. However, Flip offers the best exchange rate, setting the same rate as Bank Indonesia or even cheaper. This remittance app Indonesian is the most affordable option compared to any other financial institution for transferring money overseas. 

2. Send Money to More Than 50 Countries

Today, Flip Globe supports overseas bank transfers to more than 50 countries. The financial service previously had only 12 countries listed as transfer destinations. Some destination countries are Germany, France, Turkey, Japan, Australia, and many more. 

3. No Hidden Fee 

You may sit back and relax as everything about your transaction is shown transparently on the application. There is no correspondent bank fee, provision fee, or any other hidden costs. The amount you see is the amount your recipient will receive and the Flip transfer fee, and that’s it. 

4. Guaranteed Security 

When you want to transfer money overseas, Flip Globe is here for you to send money safely. Flip is registered and supervised by Bank Indonesia under license number 18/196/DKSP/68. Every transaction is done under government policy to ensure security. 


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As you can see, Flip is the best remittance app Indonesian for transferring money overseas. This application supports your financial goals by providing the best exchange rate on Flip Globe and even enables you to do interbank transfers without any admin fee. Download Flip and enjoy the benefits for yourself!

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