A Complete Guide To Send Money Overseas Using Flip

A Complete Guide To Send Money Overseas Using Flip

Are you looking for an application to send money overseas from Indonesia? One recommendation that is right for you is Flip Globe. 

Flip Globe is an overseas remittance application that you should use. It's easy to use, the fees are cheap compared to others, and there are no hidden fees.  

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What is Flip Globe 

Flip Globe is a feature in the Flip application specifically for sending money abroad. Sending money abroad using Flip is relatively easy because it can be done through an application. You don't need to worry about transferring money abroad using Flip because it's cheaper and more economical than others. 

No matter how much nominal money you send to an overseas account, the admin fee is flat. You can save money by using Flip to transfer money abroad. The fee shown during the transaction is only the fee that Flip charges, and there are no telex fees, fees, bank correspondence, and more. You can check the transaction status in real-time via the Flip application or update the situation via email.

Currently, Flip Globe serves money transfers to 55 countries, including South Korea, England, Japan, and Turkey. Flip, an application to send money abroad, makes transfers easy and affordable!


Flip Globe Facilitates Personal, Businessman and Expatriate 

Send money overseas using Flip can be for personal, business or expatriate needs. This follows Flip Globe's goal to support digital economic ecosystems in foreign countries. Sending money abroad using Flip for business personnel and expatriates is as easy as changing accounts. 

You can choose a Personal Account if you want to transfer money on your behalf, and you can select a Business Account if sending money is related to business interests. To be able to use the Flip Globe service, you must:

1. First, download the Flip application on your smartphone and create an account. 

2. Fill in the personal data needed to create an account or use Flip services. 

3. Select the Flip Globe feature, type in the transfer destination country, and fill in the amount of money you want to send. 

4. Next, select the Personal Account or Business Account used in this transfer. 

5. Enter the beneficiary's account, the sender's source of funds, and the transfer destination. 

6. After that, send money according to the nominal on Flip and wait for your transfer to be received.  


How To Send Money Overseas Using Flip 

Apart from free inter-bank transfers, you can transfer money from Indonesia to 55 countries at a lower cost through Flip Globe. No need to worry about hidden costs. You can also transact more easily using Rupiah without the need to exchange it for the currency of the destination country first. So easy, right? To send money overseas using Flip, follow these steps: 

1. Enter the Flip application, then select the Flip Globe menu. 

2. Select the destination country. The system will automatically display the current exchange rate. 

3. Fill in the nominal to send money. You can fill in the nominal value in Rupiah or the currency of the destination country. The system will automatically display the transfer fee that must be paid. If so, click CONTINUE. 

4. Decide whether you will send money to a business or personal account. 

5. Make sure you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions that apply, then click AGREE AND CONTINUE. 

6. Select Recipient Bank 

7. Fill in the recipient's account number, then click CONTINUE. 

8. Fill in the recipient's full name and full address. If so, click CONTINUE. 

9. Select the Sender's Source of Funds. 

10. Select Remittance Requirements. 

11. Click Save Recipient Data at the bottom if needed, then click CONTINUE. 

12. Check your transaction details again. If it is appropriate, click CONTINUE. 

13. Select the Payment Method to be used. 

14. Transfer to the Flip account listed via ATM, internet banking, or mobile banking before the specified time limit. If not, your transaction will be automatically canceled by the system. Make sure the Total Transfer Nominal matches up to the last 3 digits. Don't worry, the unique code you transferred will be returned via Flip Coin. 

15. After making the transfer, don't forget to confirm by pressing the I HAVE TRANSFER button. Flip will not process unconfirmed transactions. 

16. Flip will check and process the transaction. You can monitor the transaction status in the application. 

17. After the transaction has been successfully processed, Flip will display proof of transfer and send it to your email. 


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Those are some things you can know about the flip globe. By using Flip Globe, the application to send money overseas is the right solution for you to use. A flip globe can send money to 50 countries with the best rates and no hidden fees. Of course, it will help you transfer money again in a fairer way and doesn't take a long time. What are you waiting for? Download the flip app and use a flip globe to send money overseas right now!

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