Tips and Types of Public Transportation in Indonesia

Tips and Types of Public Transportation in Indonesia

Public transportation in Indonesia has various modes, ranging from angkot and buses to commuter and intercity trains. The types of transportation may also differ significantly for different regions. In the country’s big cities, you can find exclusive rides like the Metro bus or MRT and LRT system.

Meanwhile, in rural areas of Indonesia, the common means of transport become more traditional. Instead of mass transport with large capacity, you will face smaller options for short-distance trips. Ojek (motorcycle taxis) and becak (tricycle rickshaws) are cases in point. 

Regardless of such differences, Indonesia has lots of transportation options to enjoy. Some of them become more popular than others because of their convenient services.

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Most Popular Means of Transportation in Indonesia

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As stated before, public transportation in Indonesia may vary between urban and rural areas. Some popular means of transportation can be found in the cities, especially the provinces’ capitals. 

Train or Commuter

The train network system is largely available in most Indonesian regions, especially around some big cities in Java. Therefore, the train has become one of the most popular modes of transport in this country. 

Not only for connecting different cities across the island, there is also a commuter train system for daily use in one particular city or region. The commuter trains usually link the railway stations in suburban areas to the main stations in the city center. 


Regular buses can be easily found in various cities and towns across Indonesia. They are considered a convenient choice for economical trips. Some big cities even have their line of city buses, such as TransJakarta or Trans Metro Bandung. These bus lines usually provide more efficient routes with reliable services than regular city buses.  

Angkutan Kota or Angkot

Angkutan Kota—or Angkot in short—refers to minibusses that travel around a city with specific routes. Practically anyone commonly uses this type of transportation because it is accessible in most parts of the city. 

Online-Hailed Rides

As a recent trend of public transportation in Indonesia, online-hailed rides have gained popularity over the last few years. Among the popular apps for online rides are GoJek, Grab, inDrive, and Maxim. The apps provide options for motorcycle rides, car or taxi, delivery, and other additional services. 


Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) are the newest additions to the transportation system in Indonesia. They are considered great alternatives for more efficient and convenient city transport.

However, the services of MRT and LRT are still exclusive. The LRT system is only available in two cities (Palembang and Jakarta), while MRT is currently operated in Jakarta alone. 

Practical Tips for Indonesian Public Transportation 

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Going around Indonesian cities by public transport will be an enjoyable experience as long as you follow some practical tips below:

  1. It is important to initially plan the best route before your trip, so you can find the most suitable transportation to reach your destination. Google Maps can come in handy at these times. 
  2. If you are staying in Jakarta, having a cashless payment option like E-money or TransJakarta Card is better. Such facilities will surely save you travel time. 
  3. With traffic becoming a common issue in most big cities, provide extra time for your trip, particularly during rush hours. 
  4. To avoid confusion over some public transportation routes, you can make do with ride-hailing apps. The rides will directly go to your destination with a certain fare you should pay, whether by cash or digital payment.
  5. If you are using online rides, it will be more convenient to have an e-wallet account. Therefore, you can make a top-up through the Flip app and pay for your ride directly. With no additional fee, the top-up transaction is hassle-free, and your trip can go smoothly. 

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That concludes some essential information that you need to know about public transportation in Indonesia. Because it belongs to the country’s basic infrastructure, the transport service has continually evolved and expanded over the years. The continued improvement of public transport is not only intended to provide safety and comfort for local people but also for international visitors who want to have a taste of Indonesian life. 





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