How Much is the Living Cost in Bali?

How Much is the Living Cost in Bali?

Bali is a paradise. Its beauty is already well-known in the world. In fact, Traveler’s Choice 2022 Best of the Best crowns the island in the fourth position of World Popular Destinations. It’s no wonder that many tourists come to Bali to see extraordinary views and experience the local culture. But have you ever thought about moving to Bali permanently? If the answer is yes, the living cost in Bali is one of many things you must consider. However, if the answer is no, you may need stronger reasons to move to Bali. 

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Reasons to Move to Bali 

We can talk for hours about why moving to Bali is a good idea. But, if we sum them up to only a few points, this list below is an excellent place to start. 

1. Get lost in the beautiful scenery every single day

Who would not be mesmerized by sunset or sunrise? Living in Bali grants you the opportunity to gaze at beautiful sceneries endlessly, including beaches. There is a fine selection of spectacular beaches where you can see romantic sunsets or feel the warm sand. Some even are the most wanted spots for surfers to challenge themselves. It is a literal paradise in reality! 

2. It's always summer! 

Who likes the hustle in winter? Besides the low living cost in Bali, the paradise island offers you summer-like weather. There will be no shivering or layers of clothes as the temperature range is only between 26 to 31 degrees Celsius. You will only face the plentiful sunshine: the perfect time to indulge in countless outdoor activities. However, you must remember that it does rain from October to April. You only need to expect intermittent showers, so no worries! 

3. The rich culture 

Besides the scenery and good weather, Bali is blessed by its spectacular and rich culture. Every corner of the island represents the thick culture that will render you speechless. You can see some ancient temples that exude such a calming and peaceful aura, beliefs that are being persevered from generation to generation, and cultural festivals that happen frequently. Moreover, Balinese people are very kind and willing to show you many things. 

4. Beautiful art scenes Bali is filled with numerous natural arts 

The creativity is never-ending, as you can see a beautiful floral arrangement to thoughtful stone and wood carvings. It will be a great blessing to be amongst them every day other than having a low living cost in Bali. 

5. Lower Costs 

The greatest concern of living in a foreign country is the living cost. However, you need not worry much because living in Bali is relatively affordable. A simple housing or homestay for one person demands approximately $300 per month. You will also get several facilities at your expense, such as a small kitchen, air-conditioning, and hot water.   


Living Cost in Bali 

If you are planning to buy a house in Bali, the budget will require around $8000 per year. However, it still depends on how luxurious your home is and the area where it will be located. Usually, the price will go higher if you choose a popular spot like Canggu or Kuta. Buying food in Bali is also relatively cheap. A small eatery, usually called warung, will only cost you about $1.5 to $5. It usually depends on what side dishes you choose. Furthermore, you can go to the laundry cleaning facility on foot anywhere, which generally costs only about $3 to $5. So, are you more convinced to buy a house in Bali? 


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If you are on a tight budget, there is no need to be restless because living costs in Bali are relatively affordable. If you are still getting familiar with how to pay for things in Bali, trust everything to Flip. From transferring to various banks to paying bills and topping up your e-wallet, Flip caters to your daily transaction needs. Click here to download Flip on your smartphone!

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