Looking to Rent an Apartment in Jakarta? Here’s What to Look For

Looking to Rent an Apartment in Jakarta? Here’s What to Look For

Compared to other more expensive countries in Asia, the price to rent an apartment in Jakarta is still reasonable for people. Indeed, the price is affected by many factors, like property type, location, and amenities. However, young people or expats can find a good apartment in the city center.   

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Things to Consider Before Renting an Apartment in Jakarta 

Renting a temporary place can help you save money for your dream home. If you’re looking to rent an apartment in Jakarta, we have prepared a guide below so you can avoid aimlessly exploring the Internet. 

1. Deposit 

How much is the deposit to rent an apartment in Jakarta? Generally, the property or unit owner will decide on 10% of the annual unit rental price per year or for one month’s rent. Since the owner will use this money to compensate for any damage, clearly communicate what conditions may prevent the deposit from being repaid in whole or partially. 

2. Utilities 

Don’t forget that you must pay for the utilities when renting an apartment. Depending on the initial agreement, you might still have to pay the bills, like electricity, water, gas, internet, and more. Use Flip to pay your electricity bills. With its easy and fast transfers, everyone can use Flip, including expats. Flip offers a zero-admin fee for every transaction, so you can say goodbye to complicated and expensive payment processes. 

3. Other Terms of the Rental Agreement 

Last but not least, consider other terms before you agree to rent an apartment in Jakarta. Lease terms may include contractual clauses, such as insurance, term length, modifications, etc. Make sure you’ve read everything written. Don’t be shy about asking the property owner or agent to explain something you don’t understand. After all, it’s better to be inquisitive. 


How to Rent an Apartment in Jakarta? 

Now you’re ready to rent an apartment in Jakarta. We’ve compiled a list of steps on how you can do it. 

1. Choose Which Area You Want to Live In 

Jakarta spans about 661 square kilometers and is divided into five municipalities. So, make sure you know where you want to rent an apartment in Jakarta. If you’re working in South Jakarta, don’t choose a place in North Jakarta. Keep in mind that traffic is a significant issue in Jakarta every day, especially during rush hour (between 4 PM and 8 PM on weekends and 6.30 AM to 12 PM on weekdays). That’s why it’s suggested that you find a place within 10 kilometers of your workplace or area of study. 

2. Come Up with an Apartment Search Checklist and a Budget 

Everyone has their own considerations before renting a place to live. Maybe you need a pet-friendly apartment in Jakarta since you bring along your furry pal. Or perhaps you need a luxury space in a strategic location. This consideration can cost you more, so have a budget list to ensure you won’t spend more than what you’re comfortable with. This list will help you choose the best apartment! 

3. Look for Apartments Online 

Save your time by going online to find the best apartment in Jakarta that suits your needs. You can narrow down your search by using various filter values. For example, you can easily choose between a 1BR, 2BR, or even 3BR that is close to transportation routes. Usually, the prices and other facilities are listed online as well. It’s a practical method to know how much you need to pay monthly and which areas have the amenities you want. 

4. Sign a Lease 

After finding the best apartment in Jakarta, it's time to make it official. Usually, lease agreements are worked out with the property's owner. If you're an ex-pat who doesn't speak Indonesian, make sure you have a trustworthy local contact who can assist you in negotiating and comprehending the conditions of any new rental agreement.   


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Have you made up your mind about how to rent an apartment in Jakarta? Once you've determined what you want and how much it will cost, take some time to consider all your options. Make sure you choose correctly. It's the same as when you want to pay your electricity bill in seconds. Flip is an all-in-one app to help you make free interbank transfers, including electricity tokens, at a lower price. Download Flip on Google Play and the App Store and enjoy the benefits!

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