How Do I Send Peso? Here Are the Cheapest and Fastest Ways

How Do I Send Peso? Here Are the Cheapest and Fastest Ways

Are you a Filipino worker who works in Indonesia? Have you received your salary at your new place and wish to send some Peso back home and don’t know what is the cheapest and fastest way to do it? Well, look no further because we have the best solution for you.

Some Filipinos probably think that sending money from Indonesia to the Philippines is by going to a bank. While going to a bank seems like an easy solution, there are language barriers you must prepare. Not to mention, if you are new to the area, you probably don’t know how to get there.

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You can actually send Rupiah to Peso from your place by using a smartphone. With Flip, you can send Rupiah to Peso low-cost, fast, and, of course, securely.

The Newest Peso Exchange Rate

rupiah to peso exchange rate

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Before transferring some money to your family, relatives, or friends, you probably want to check first the current Rupiah to Peso exchange rate. The exchange rate fluctuates any time. Therefore, transferring money when the rate is low allows you to save some money.

Instead of randomly Googling the current Rupiah to Peso rate and getting various conversion rates, you can directly check the best rate by visiting Flip Currency Converter. With Currency Converter from Flip, you can learn the real-time exchange rate with the best deal.

To visit Currency Converter Flip, you can download the Flip application from the Play Store or App Store for free. Or, you can go to the Currency Converter Flip website. You will see three columns provided on the page. There are currency dropdown menus that you can choose from. 

If you wish to know the Rupiah to Peso rate, choose the Philippines Peso (PHP) in the currency destination. Type the amount of money you wish to transfer and click convert. The page will directly show you the current exchange rate.

Sending Money to the Philippines Cheaply and Fast

So, how do you send money to the Philippines cheaply and fast? Instead of going to the bank, you can use Flip Globe. What is Flip Globe? Flip Globe is one of the services provided in the Flip application that offers overseas transfer services. There are many advantages to using Flip Globe.

With Flip Globe, you can send money to more than fifty countries around the Globe. Besides, you will get the best rate compared to the exchange rate you get in banks or money changers. Flip Globe won’t deduct the amount of money you transfer for fees like provision fees, telex fees, or any other hidden fees.

After sending money to the Philippines, you can check the status of your remittance in the app. Last but not least, transferring from Rupiah to Peso using Flip Globe is secure. Flip is registered and supervised by Bank Indonesia with license number 18/196/DKSP/68.

To send money from Flip Globe, follow these easy steps:

  1. Download Flip for Free from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. To use the financial services provided in the app, create an account by filling in your personal data.
  3. Once you’ve registered, go to the Flip Globe menu.
  4. To transfer to the Philippines, select Philippines (PHP) in the destination country box by clicking the dropdown menu. 
  5. Next, type the amount of money you wish to transfer. Once you fill in the amount, you will also instantly see the current exchange rate.
  6. Then, select the account used in the transaction.
  7. Complete the beneficiary’s information.
  8. Click transfer, and the transaction will proceed.

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How Much Peso You Can Send

If you want to send pesos to your family or friends in the Philippines, Flip Globe allows a high daily limit. One account has a daily transaction limit of IDR100,000,000.

In Flip Globe, each country has different minimum and maximum transfer amounts. You can check the minimum and maximum transfer amount after selecting your destination. As for the Philippines, the minimum transfer amount is 50 PHP.

How Long Does It Take Until the Recipient Receives the Money

With Flip Globe, your transaction will be processed securely and safely. If you process the transfer before 13.30 WIB, the beneficiary will receive the money on the same day. Meanwhile, if you transfer the money after 13.30 WIB, then the receiver will get money D+1 (Working Days).

With Flip Globe, sending money to wherever country you wish is now very simple, fast, and, of course, secure. Furthermore, your family or friend can receive the money you transfer if you process the transaction before 13.30 WIB. Besides transferring money to more than 50 countries around the world, Flip also offers other financial transactions, such as E-Wallet, Flip for Business, and Flip Freedom.

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